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 Therapy of the Month
Kinesiology for food intolerance testing

Kinesiology uses muscle testing to identify many imbalanceskaren image which have an impact on health and well being.

Imbalances of the body energy systems can be caused by energies, foods and stress.

Food intolerances can cause many health issues. By eating foods which your body cannot tolerate  your digestive system will be working harder and will eventually struggle to digest any foods as the body’s digestive enzymes will become depleted.  The result of this will be that the body will no longer absorb vital nutrients from foods and eventually ill health will result.

By identifying food intolerances and eliminating the offending foods, normal digestion will once again occur.  Initially it may be necessary to temporarily take nutritional supplements to support the digestive system.  As long as the offending food is eliminated the digestion will eventually work as normal without supplements.  Supplements may also be necessary short term to build up any nutrients that have become low due to the digestion not working properly.

Food intolerance testing is easily carried out by placing food samples near the jaw or throat and testing various muscles to see if the energy of the food in the body circuit weakens the muscles.

Kinesiology can identify food intolerances, nutritional deficiencies and imbalances in the body’s energy systems.  The cause of imbalances and stress can be identified,  various techniques are used to support the imbalances and stress which will result in improved health and well being.

More about how kinesiology manages STRESS next time.

For further information or to book an appointment with our Kinesiologist Karen Thrush, please call the centre on 01249 446388


More and more people today are becoming increasingly aware of the chemicals that we are constantly exposed to in our environment including our food and the effect it can have on us. This is clearly shown by the huge demand for organic foods.At Equilibrium, we provide organic medicine for those who wish to take responsibility for their own health and that of their families.

After all health is the best immunity we can have.

We are set in a peaceful location in the beautiful countryside of Wiltshire with fifteen top practitioners devoted to helping others in health and self development. Our team aim to provide our patients with the perfect environment and support for healing, health and wellbeing. Our Get Well Plan provides focussed and tailored treatments to encourage healing using the wisdom and experience of our therapists.

Equilibrium offers a wide range of therapies and tools for wellness including classes for relaxation, self development and further learning.

We also sell a range of products and supplements to help and support the healing process.

Come and nourish yourself back to health
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