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Vitamin D – The Sunshine Vitamin

What to do if there’s no sun! With so many colds around at this time of year, it was good to see that a scientific paper (1) reviewing a number of clinical trials on vitamin D hit the headlines last week. It concluded that Vitamin D supplementation can prevent acute respiratory tract infections such as […]

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The Benefits of Tai Chi/Qigong

Increase Your Energy, Improve Health, and Calm Body and Mind That’s what Qigong/Tai Chi did for me and it will do for you too! There are many different styles of this practice and it is as old as Yoga, yet has been lesser known in the West but is now growing in popularity. The word […]

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‘Success and Wellbeing’ Retreat Kefalonia, Greece

A fabulous Retreat on the Greek island of Kefalonia known for its unspoiled, natural beauty. In this peaceful location you will experience life changing transformations. Workshops and personal development sessions will enable you to reflect upon your life, learn how to overcome self sabotage and, become completely focused on making the necessary changes to carry you forward to the […]

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