Claire Devonshire


Individual Consultations – by appointment

To book an appointment, please call Equilibrium on 01225 696899 or 
Claire on 07563 710361 or e-mail

Telephone/skype Consultations are also available for anyone unable to attend in person.

*Please feel free to bring a note book or recording device, if desired.*

Claire has been using her Clairsentient and channelling abilities to help others since 1995, in the UK, Europe, Egypt and Australia. She is an energy clearer and upgrader, Reiki Master Teacher and has run countless groups and workshops. By stilling her mind, linking directly with Source and your Higher Self, she allows the vibrational, higher wisdom to manifest as verbal communication, imparting fascinating and uplifting information to assist anyone with an interest in applying the Universal Law of Attraction to positively adjust their life into one of ease, happiness – and fun!

The Universal Law of Attraction, that which is like unto itself, is drawn (or, simply; like attracts like), has a naturally occurring impact on our everyday lives and our experiences, either positively or negatively, in direct response to the way we think, and thus vibrate. Private consultations are a great way to learn how to easily fine-tune your thinking on any subject to enable you to feel better in all areas of your life such as; relationships, finances, health and general well-being.

“By focusing on all that is desired, the art of allowing oneself to be in the flow of alignment becomes a more natural state of being and any old habits naturally fall away.”

Information and answers are channelled and are aimed at honing in on a new personal perspective, new vibration and therefore a new point of attraction. As you still your mind during this form of communication, in the co-created high vibrational state, this helps magnify and improve your current connection to Source and ability to perceive your own inner guidance, empowering you further in your existence and, thereafter, outer experiences (manifestations).

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Claire Devonshire pic 2Claire is also currently being coached by Christy Whitman (USA), who works closely with John Assaraf, Joe Vitale, Bob Doyle, and other leading world experts, made famous by the hit docu-movie ‘The Secret’ (2006). This inspiring business coaching is now being passed on by Claire to anyone in the UK, Australia, and anywhere in-between, who wishes to know how to apply the Law of Attraction to their business.