Law Of Attraction Group Classes



Science has already shown that consistent focus changes the brain to create more positive thought processes (and therefore attracting/experiencing what you DO want).



This is perfect for you if you wish to:

  •         more easily improve your thoughts and beliefs
  •         feel better about yourself, your life, and everyone in it
  •         experience the exquisite joy of creating an incredible life
  •         keep yourself positive and light
  •         radiate your joy out to this amazing world, and to the benefit of others


Our Facebook Page is here to help you:

  •         share uplifting messages
  •         share your success stories, feelings and/or manifestations
  •         offer a supportive boost, if ever needed
  •         get answers to any question that may crop up as you apply new ways of thinking

All this being offered for only £25.00 per month*

Our group classes are now more accessible, easier, more practical AND even more supportive. Our new, upgraded LOA Classes offer:

  •         loads of practical tips
  •         sheet hand-outs when appropriate
  •         a safe and secure place to ‘practice’ new thoughts
  •         an encouraging  group atmosphere to bring out the best in each other
  •         a caring place to be around like-minded LOA fans
  •         learning new thinking in light and joyous ways!

 (*with monthly Direct Debit)

Law of Attraction Group Classes
Alternate Wednesdays 7:00pm – 9:00pm


Equilibrium Natural Health Centre, Corsham, Wiltshire SN13 9RS

Wed 5 July
Wed 19 July

Wed 2 Aug
Wed 16 Aug
Wed 30 Aug

Wed 13 Sept
Wed 27 Sept

Wed 11 Oct
Wed 25 Oct

Wed 8 Nov
Wed 22 Nov

Wed 6 Dec
Wed 20 Dec

“Thank you to you and the Team for this evening. It was awesome!” F.D. Wiltshire, UK.


 Contact Claire Devonshire for more information 07563 710361
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