Chakra Studies Immersion – Foundation Level

Chakra Studies Immersion – Foundation Level

Healing, Empowerment, Freedom, Connection


20th October 2018

One day every five weeks or so, running from October 2018 until July 2019 (Nine days in total)

A small group of us meet together to use the Chakra system as our map to work towards personal freedom from fear, guilt and shame, becoming empowered to love and be loved; to speak our truths, to develop and be guided by our intuition and to deepen our connection to the divine.

In our journey of self-discovery and healing we use asana, pranayama, mantra, meditation, techniques drawn from a range of bodywork traditions, journaling, contemplation, pairs and group work.

Healing and transformation, when invited into this safe and loving space, are amplified, allowing participants to make lasting shifts in awareness and experience profound, positive change.

Foundation Level starting October 2018

Open to anyone with an interest in self-exploration and personal transformation.



October 20th

November 17th

December 15th


January 19th

February 23rd

March 30th

April 27th

June 1st

July 20th


“Working through the chakras with Naomi and in a small group setting has been extremely empowering and the beginning of a life-changing journey. I feel that this course is for anyone out there longing to connect with their deepest self and ready to follow their heart’s desire. Naomi’s own search for authenticity is contagious and a real inspiration!”Silvia Storchi

“I have been practising yoga for 20 years. The Chakra Immersion course has taken my understanding and practice of Yoga to a deeper (higher) level. It gives a greater understanding of the Asana practice and how the Chakra system effects every bit of our being from personality, attitudes, opinions, level of wellness and the capabilities & restrictions of the physical body. The Chakras system is a fascinating subject and Naomi’s Chakra Immersion Level 1 course has been incredibly revealing, informative and extremely enjoyable. It’s been a great privilege to be a member of her study group and now intend to take my studies of the Chakra system to a higher level with Chakra Immersion Level 2. Naomi deserves much credit for the style and standard of delivery on this subject. I have no hesitation in recommending this course to those who want to take their yoga journey further.” – Arlene

“I came across this course when I wasn’t looking, so the course found me. I have benefited so much from both the teaching and rest of group dynamics, far beyond what I could have expected. The teaching is refreshing and honest.I wholeheartedly recommend this course particularly if it finds you too.” – Fiona Barras, Yoga Teacher

“I was just sitting thinking how I could change up my personal development practice when an email from Naomi dropped into my inbox introducing her Level 1 Chakra Immersion Course. It seemed like too much of a coincidence, so I signed up straight away and I can honestly say this has been the most transformative year of my life. The chakra system provides an excellent and informative framework for uncovering personal issues and patterns. The class also introduces different practices to release stuck energy and emotions and the wonderful small group of people that Naomi has brought together has proved both supportive and non-judgemental – you only need explore what you feel ready to. Highly recommended.” – Mandy Clothier, UK

“Doing the Chakra Immersion with Naomi as my guide has had a big impact on my sense of being at ease with myself. I have experienced changes not only in how I teach yoga and how I do my own yoga practice, but also in how I relate to other people and myself during challenging situations, something that I have been wanting to change for a long time. It has sometimes felt like the missing pieces between “I want to change this behavior on my part” and “Wow, I am really changing this behavior” has fallen into place. For some chakras I have done a lot of interrim work, and experienced a lot of letting go, and, actually, a new sense of a more mature behavior. For other chakras, I have had too much on my agenda to do a lot of homework, and still experienced some sort of shift in how I view the world and my being in it. The Chakra Immersion gave me an extremely useful frame work for continuing to try to increase my awareness, and, in short, to increase the love I feel for others and myself. I am extremely grateful to Naomi and to all the other course participants for holding my hand on this journey. We have had a great time together and I loved it!”Anna Selbourn, Sweden

For further details about the course or to register your interest please contact Naomi on 07727 124097 or email



The course is held in the Willow Room, Equilibrium Natural Health Centre

23 Leafield Way, Corsham SN13 9RS

Telephone 01225 696899


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