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Look good and feel great, inside and out!!

The heart of our message here at Equilibrium is that, although beauty comes from the inside, it can be assisted by taking steps to looking and feeling fantastic…

Our specialists will help you to enhance your natural beauty, access your inner beauty and build your confidence whilst you re-discover yourself!

A reflection can show your inner beauty, so shine like the star you are…


The techniques and rhythms of facial massage are smooth and applied with the pressure most suited to client needs, as sensory nerves can be soothed or stimulated as appropriate. There are numerous beneficial effects such as improved skintone, relaxation of tense muscles, top loose layers of skin are desquamated (shed) exposing fresh skin cells, and the stimulation balances the natural oils and improves the appearance. The increased temperature of the skin dilates the blood capillaries improving the skin colour and relaxing the pores – this aids the absorption of massage products, softening the skin.

Ideally facial massage should be preceded by a Skincare cleanse, tone, exfoliate and mask application routine to obtain the best possible results.



This balancing and healing facial uses Shiatsu techniques and acupressure points combined with cupping to connect to the vital energy channels. The gentle techniques lift and massage facial tissue to revitalise and rejuvenate the skin and reduce overall stress.

Shiatsu Cupping Facial is a wonderful relaxing treatment that benefits your face and your whole body. A number of different massage movements are used with delicate oil; all of which work the skin and muscles of the face in different ways and levels, relieving tension in the muscles, smoothing away lines and bring elasticity and a healthy glow back to the skin. The massage works on releasing deep seated tensions and freeing the layers of connective tissue so that facial muscles can relax easing restrictions and lifting up the face.

A sequence of acupressure points are stimulated during the treatment which not only stimulate the face but benefits the whole body as well. The lymphatic system is stimulated during the treatment which helps reduce eye bags and puffiness around jaw line, eyes look brighter and the skin looks more radiant and refreshed.

Benefits of Shiatsu Cupping Facial:

Increases the circulation of oxygen rich blood ♦ Strengthens skin & connective tissues ♦ Visibly reduces fine lines and deeper wrinkles ♦ Releases blocked energy ♦ Stimulates fibroblast cells responsible for collagen and elasticity production ♦ Tones and firms facial muscles ♦ Reduces excess oil & pore size ♦ Improves product absorption & nutrient delivery to skin.     Nina Rawstrone



The underlying skin type is genetically determined, but you can assist the physiological characteristics by using the correct products and caring for your skin in the best possible way. Holistic beneficial results are obtained by using quality Aloe Vera based products (which are adaptagenic and have an ingredient known as lignin to penetrate deep into layers of skin). Cleanser, toner, exfoliator, day and night moisturising creams, serums, make-up remover, face masks and eye creams are all available for Holistic Skincare facial treatments and to purchase for use at home. This excellent skincare range intensely nourishes the skin, providing a superb smooth base on which to apply your make-up.



Make-up and brushes – how to use them! Have you ever wondered how best to apply your makeup and not quite sure how, or has your result not been quite as you had hoped? Looking for make-up tips and/or new image ideas…

This is a fun and informative opportunity to experiment with application, new colours and to learn how to apply your make-up skillfully and subtly (or boldly if you prefer). You will also learn about skincare and experience the joy of knowing exactly what to do with your make-up selection.



Feeling good’ is one of the most important factors in our society today and making sure we choose the appropriate make-up for the occasion can sometimes be a little confusing! Recognising that make-up is very individual, both for the age of the ‘wearer’ and the event to be considered, makeovers provide the opportunity for your ‘occasion’ to be carefully contemplated and the make-up to be appropriate. Whether it is for a wedding, photo-shoot, party, candlelit dinner, prom night, daytime wear or any other occasion, makeovers make you feel special and take away any make-up application concerns you may have!

Further Beauty Treatments are available, for full details please contact

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