Biodynamic Cranio Sacral Therapy

Welcome to 2018 and the beginnings of another year. Will this be the same for you as the last one? Are you fed up with feeling anxious and stressed? Are you content with experiencing recurring pain and headaches? Would you like to have a better night’s sleep and feel more able to cope with the daily stresses of life?

Now that the festive celebrations have passed, many of us turn our thoughts to the year ahead and how we would like it to be, the aspirations that we have going forward for ourselves, our life style and our health. We think about the changes we would like, want, or need to make to create and embrace new opportunities. How will you achieve your desires?

The current pace of life, dealing with all the demands of work and family in a technological world where there is a huge sense that we must be constantly available, makes it very hard for most of us to make space to be still. But it is only in a place of stillness that we can really tune into the needs of our body and the messages it is trying to convey. Sometimes, these ‘conversations’ have to become louder and that is when we may feel discomfort or dis-ease. It is as if our ‘pot’ becomes too full and we just ‘overflow……….’

Cranio Sacral Therapy (Biodynamics) is a great therapy for creating this time and space. It is a very gentle, non-invasive, drug free, hands-on therapy  that is suitable for all ages. Whilst many think the therapist will work with just the head and sacrum area, he/she works where ever the body needs support, as everybody has its own inherent treatment plan – its own road map for healing itself. Hence, Cranio Sacral Therapy works with the whole person, with changes possibly occurring in the body, mind and spirit, both during and after the session.

During the Taster Session, I will explain how I work and introduce you to this amazing therapy by having you spend a short time on the session table. It is advisable to wear comfortable/leisure type clothing and most clients like to wear socks as the feet may become cold.

Trained to ‘listen’ with my hands, I place my hands lightly on the body, ‘listening’ to your system much in the same way as a counsellor might listen to your words. It is during this sensitive touch that your body begins to listen to itself, releasing tensions it may have held for a long while, whilst being totally supported. A feeling of having been heard in the truest sense of the word is a common experience for many clients. As the session progresses, you may feel heat in certain areas of your body, and/or experience subtle movements in structure as your body realigns. Many also feel a deep sense of calm and/or peace. On leaving, many feel very relaxed whilst others may feel more energized and connected with an increased clarity of mind and feeling of wellbeing. There may occasionally be a short period of adjustment as part of the healing process, where you may become more aware of certain symptoms. Some clients report relief after only two or three sessions but for longstanding problems further sessions are usually needed.

So, why not book a Taster Session to experience some stillness in your life, to create some space and give your system a chance to rebalance, restore and heal?

For further information please contact Jacqui on 07790 783280 or email:

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