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Dee has over twenty five years experience as a Healer, Teacher and Medium.

Her first journey with healing was over twenty five years ago while recovering from M.E and emphysema.  This experience led her to a very gifted teacher who was to change her life.

She began developing mediumistic and clairvoyant gifts and started working with Colour and Healing. Dee spent over eight years working intensely with a combination of Crystals, Colour and Sound, and following Louise Hays, ‘You Can Heal Your Life,’ to change and heal old belief systems and ancestral patterns from many lifetimes.

Dee has trained in many modalities, at first to heal herself and then to become a healer/therapist to help others; and later to gain knowledge about the body, meridians, five elements etc, to compile and create her therapies.

Dee is the Founder of the International School of Vibrational Healing and has developed a new Therapy “DNA Repatterning,”  to aid you in clearing deep rooted issues and fulfil your potential in this lifetime.

  The School is affiliated with the Complementary Medical Association (CMA)



DNA Repatterning 


Life Path ♦ Kinesiology ♦ Quantum Healing ♦ Hypnosis ♦ Reiki Master ♦ Sound Therapy/Teacher ♦ Crystal Therapy/Teacher ♦ Colour Therapy/Teacher ♦ Aura Soma Practitioner ♦ Aromatherapy ♦ Anatomy & Physiology ♦ Magnified Healing

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  1. Linda Smith

    How do I book crystal healing.? Do you have any appointments available next week in CORSHAM.

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