Individual Consultations – by appointment

For Energy Clearing, Healing and Guidance

Feeling a lack of direction in your life?

Do you get anxious or feel a bit ‘lost’ in life?

Would you love to link up with your True Love?

Does your energy feel sluggish?

Or, would you like to release any past lives?

These private consultations with Claire are a simple yet very effective way to release energies that may be holding you back, to receive a Higher perspective over any issue, and to experience wonderful new energies so that you can lead your life in a light, free, and uplifted way.


“Claire is a warm, positive, upbeat lady. I came to the Equilibrium Health Centre, in a confused state of mind, with a low mood and an uncertainty of how to move forward in my life; yet, after my session with Claire, my energy is amazingly different; lighter. I see the world with new eyes! I am feeling much clearer of mind, stronger, able to laugh more, feeling hopeful and I have control over my emotions!”  Hayley N, Wiltshire.

To book an appointment please call Equilibrium on 01225 696899 or Claire on 07563 710361 or e-mail

Telephone/Skype Consultations are also available for anyone unable to attend in person

Claire has been using her Clairsentient and channelling abilities to help others since 1995 in the UK, Europe, Egypt and Australia. She is an Energy Clearer and Upgrader, Reiki Master Teacher, Coach, and has run countless groups and workshops. Claire is a co-Director of Chellenaire (clearing and upgrading energies in your home AND your life) with Helen Grundy (owner of Equilibrium).

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