Home and Life Alignment Service 

Clearing and upgrading the energies in your home AND your life

Have you ever walked into a house and immediately thought it felt like a really nice place? Or even, entered a room and it felt so awful that you just wanted to leave?!

Many people are still living in buildings that are full of dense vibrations, trace energies of traumatic events (or negative previous owners), and wondering why their home does not feel like a loving sanctuary.

Your home is also a reflection of what’s going on in your life. By changing the energies in your home, you can really make a shift in your experiences. This is particularly important if one or more areas of your life is out of balance e.g. love relationship, wealth, or health (see the 8 Areas of Life Balance).

This unique Home and Life Alignment service takes space clearing to new heights by working on your home AND you(r)(family). And with TWO experienced masters in energy clearing and upgrading, this is powerful AND professional; with lightness and respect, and without drama. All offered in person, internationally and with total confidentiality.

For a Free Consultation please contact Helen and Claire:

Email: helen@equilibriumhealing.co.uk  Telephone: 01225 696899  Website: www.chellenaire.com

Helen Grundy & Claire Devonshire  (Chellenaire)