E-sen-cia unique holistic facials use organic ingredients from Sophyto® and specially designed massage techniques to rebalance and heal the skin. The aim is to keep the skin mildly acidic so that the skin functions perfectly! Fresh organic produce from pomegranates, oranges, pumpkin, papaya, honey, yogurt and tea are also used to feed the skin giving a healthy, glowing complexion.


Sophyto® skincare actively transforms the skin with pH-optimised, nutrient-dense formulations for a more even, youthful appearance. It reduces sensitivity and bacterial overgrowth, regulates moisture levels, tightens follicles, reduces pore size and wrinkle depth and firms skin. Unlike other natural skincare brands, which may just adequately cleanse and hydrate, Sophyto® is designed to actively transform the health of skin. By targeting the root cause of skin’s imbalances by changing its environment, this will bring about longer-lasting and more effective restoration. All Sophyto® products are made with an average of 95% certified organic ingredients and are gluten-free.

Japanese *meridian work and lymphatic drainage activates and enhances the functioning of the skin. This gives a deeper more effective treatment as the skin is treated from the inside out! *Meridian is the joining of the points which represent the energy (ki) of the organ, body parts or body materials.


The Sophyto® products used for facials, began in 2002, when they joined the UK Soil Association. They then spent 5 years in research and development formulating a professional line to very strict, robust standards. In 2008 the product was launched in close collaboration with the medical profession. Sophyto felt it was important to gain support from the scientific community as there are still many people on the fence about how effective organic and natural products are. To this day they work with skincare professionals around the world and that really helps endorse just how effective these products are.

The history of meridian therapy (Keiraku chiryo) was introduced in Japan some 1,300 years ago. Some of it was lost with modernisation, but a small group of acupuncturists and family traditions in Japan kept variations of it alive. The theory is that the body is networked by a system of pathways which function to transport qi and blood, to regulate yin and yang, to protect against external pathogens and to link the internal organs with the exterior.


Click to “read more” where you will find a report by HG Finch and Karen Sinclair Drake http://www.sophyto.com/skin-101.php

For information on meridian massage techniques go to: http://www.acupuncturetoday.com/mpacms/at/article.php?id=31449


You will feel refreshed and your skin will look radiant. You simply glow and feel re energised.


Commencing your treatment you should avoid putting any other products onto your skin until the following day. You must drink plenty of water to help flush toxins though your lymphatic system. This will help to hydrate you and your skin further. It is highly recommended to follow your professional treatments with a home care range prescribed by your therapist. This will back up the clinic sessions and give you long lasting results.


Depending on your skin problem will determine your treatment plan. This can range from 1 facial every month to a course of 4-6 weekly sessions until your skin is healed/repaired. Home care products are essential if you are seeking long term results to back up all treatments in the clinic.


All skin conditions including teenage and adult acne, oily and imbalanced, dehydrated, dry and very sensitive skin types along with broken capillaries. These facials are incredibly anti-ageing and healing so mature skin types and sun damaged skins also benefit hugely from the amount of polyphenols in the products. The purity of Sophyto treatments are especially effective and relieving for those who are sensitive to chemical based products. If you no longer wish to use chemicals, parabens, perfumes and nasties in your products then this facial and retail line is perfect for you!

Alison Jones 

Allison Jones