Anne Acushla Hassett

Renowned International Psychic 

Anne has been psychic since childhood; she chose the name Acushla to honour her Celtic origins and to have a name in keeping with her mission in life, which is to heal. The word Acushla in Gaelic means ‘Pulse’ (of the heart) or ‘love’ in the sense of compassion. Acushla communicates with angels all the time and sees them around her clients when she is doing psychic readings. She is known for her no-nonsense approach in helping her clients with their problems and is well known for the accuracy of her insights.

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Claire Devonshire

Claire has been using her Clairsentient and channelling abilities to help others since 1995 in the UK and overseas 

Feeling a lack of direction in your life, do you get anxious or feel a bit ‘lost’ in life, would you love to link up with your True Love, does your energy feel sluggish and would you like to release any past lives?  These private consultations with Claire are a simple yet very effective way to release energies that may be holding you back, to receive a Higher perspective over any issue, and to experience wonderful new energies so that you can lead your life in a light, free, and uplifted way.

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Claire on 07563 710361 / e-mail 


Louise Hedges

A Gifted Spiritual Medium and Healer

Louise works as a Spiritual Psychic Medium.  She connects with her spirit guides and your loved ones to give you a reading directly from Spirit in a gentle and sensitive way.  Her messages bring forward love, upliftment, guidance and evidence that your loved ones are always around.  Her readings often bring closure to many situations and light to others, helping you to answer questions and giving you confirmation that life is indeed eternal. For those who are familiar with the work of Spirit, a reading can be a profound and memorable experience bringing a huge sense of comfort and healing.

To make an appointment please call or email Louise

07786 031221 /


Peter Steedman

International Psychic Medium and Spiritual Intuitive Therapist

Peter is a Spiritual Intuitive Therapist, Medium, and Healer who has been teaching and helping individuals and groups professionally for over twenty five years. His extraordinary mediumship; clairvoyant, intuition, trauma processing skills, healing abilities and down to earth encouragement have taken him to the USA, Spain, Italy, Hong Kong and Canada. Peter will bring understanding to your situation whilst offering guidance and help to empower you emotionally, physically and spiritually.

To make an appointment please call Equilibrium 01225 696899 or

Peter 07854 216077


Soul Resonance Session with Claire Devonshire


Exclusive to Equilibrium

An exquisite combination of:-

Channelled messages from the Divine Higher Team of Ascended Masters and Divine Beings of Light ♦ An opportunity for you to ask questions for higher perspective answers ♦ Direct messages from your Higher Self ♦ And high energy healing.

In this very special 90-minute session with Claire, you will be taken into a wonderfully light ambience where you will receive Divine Wisdom messages personal to you to bring you a greater overview on any area of your life, have a chance to ask questions of the Ascended Masters, and receive high-level energies to leave you feeling lighter, uplifted, glowing, and energised

This also includes the option to clear all non-serving energies and past lives, on all levels and dimensions. All work and communication carried out in Highest Divine Order.

For further details or to make an appointment please call or email Claire

07563 710361 / e-mail

If you’d like to hear a sample of the information channelled by Claire, check out the video on her website home page (from an audio interview by Lindsay Ball, Atlantean Crystal Master) on or on her YouTube Channel – Claire Devonshire


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