Tai Chi dates back over 100 years and originates from China. It is an exercise system that uses every part of your body, soul and mind. You adapt it to your needs, it is kind and gentle on your body and is suitable for any age group.

When practised regularly it helps to improve balance, co-ordination, it is calming and great for all muscle and joint problems, especially arthritis. It helps depression, blood pressure, sleeping problems plus so much more.


Faith Smith

Faith has been practising Tai Chi for over twenty one years. Her interest in Tai Chi began when she experienced problems with her hands, symptoms similar to RSI. She found that practising Tai Chi helped to improve the condition of her hands and she soon became hooked on this form of exercise as it helps every part of you and gives you a feeling of wellbeing.

Whatever your needs Tai Chi will help you; Faith feels great from it and she hopes to help you feel the same at her class.

Three week course starts on

6th June – 20th June 2018  

9:15am – 10:15am

£24.00 per course

For details and to book your place please contact Faith on:-

01249 819991/07931 423502



Classes are held at Equilibrium Natural Health Centre

23 Leafield Way, Corsham SN13 9RS

Telephone 01225 696899