Anne ‘Acushla’ Hassett

Psychic Medium

Anne ‘Acushla’ Hassett has been psychic since childhood, she chose the name ‘Acushla’ to honour her Celtic origins and to have a name in keeping with her mission in life, which is to heal. The word Acushla in Gaelic means ‘Pulse’ (of the heart) or ‘love’ in the sense of compassion.

Clients come from all over the country, and from parts of Europe, to see her in Bath, where she has been based for over thirty one years. Anne travels to several countries in Europe and has worked in America, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle and Far East. For twenty three years Acushla has worked several times a year in Hong Kong, where she has a large and loyal following. She has featured on TV and radio, and in many international newspapers and magazines. She counts many celebrities and media stars among her clientele.

Acushla communicates with angels all the time and sees them around her clients when she is doing psychic readings. She is known for her no-nonsense approach in helping her clients with their problems and is well known for the accuracy of her insights.


Psychic Medium

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