Jennie Meek DHyp (Distn), MNHR

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Jennie Meek PicHaving always been fascinated by the workings of the brain and the power of the mind, Jennie was accepted on a training course created by the Internationally renowned, Terrance Watts and Dr. Christopher Forrester, an Oxford University graduate.  They had combined their knowledge of Psychotherapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy and founded the Chrysalis Training School in the late 1990’s. Jennie studied with them in the early days, when their Training School was based in Wells in Somerset.

Jennie was so impressed with the effectiveness and speed with which changes can be achieved through Hypnotherapy that she chose to specialise in this Therapy alone. Having gained a Diploma with Distinction in Clinical Hypnotherapy she set up her own Practice in Wiltshire in 2003.

Over the past 13 years it has been extremely rewarding helping each Client to achieve the changes they had never thought possible; whether that was to no longer suffer with a fear or phobia, or issues of anxiety and stress, or dealing with deeper traumas or emotional problems that had been holding someone back for many years.  The expressions of absolute delight from a smoker who, having tried every means available to quit smoking to no avail only to find that with one session of Hypnotherapy they have become a genuine non-smoker, is always a delight! There are of course many, many other issues, both physical and emotional that Clinical Hypnotherapy can help overcome, and so Jennie’s work continues to be fulfilling on a daily basis.

Most of Jennie’s working life has involved working with members of the public in one way or another, including having set up and run her own Restaurant and Recruitment Agency, but Jennie can honestly say the complete change of direction which she took in 2000 and began training to become a Clinical Hypnotherapist was the best choice she made in her  career and the most rewarding.


Hypnotherapy Past Life Regression Thought Field Therapy Tai Chi/Qigong


Release counterproductive behaviours:- such as smoking and overeating Relieve stress and anxiety Retain a positive attitude Relax and enjoy a better night’s sleep Eliminate bad habits Lower blood pressure Improve sports performance Increase memory and concentration Overcome shyness Improve public speaking skills Maintain peace of mind and control anger Recover from surgery Alleviate irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)


Diploma (Distinction) Clinical Hypnotherapy

Member of the National Hypnotherapy Register


“Thank you Jennie… you can use any of my ‘story’… you’ve made such a difference to my life… I owe you a massive, massive, massive thank you… I cannot tell you the difference I feel inside… I don’t feel anxious, worked up, hot, sweaty, burning, shaky anymore. I don’t feel obsessed or compulsed and my behaviour reflects that. Jennie you really did make that change in me and I cannot thank you enough. I was in such a bad place during summer… I felt there was no way out and you helped me turn that around. I truly believe I wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t had your help. My family, C…. and I are eternally grateful.” Ms K M, Wiltshire

Many thanks for helping me. On the Friday following my last session with you I had my best day in 4 months.” David, Chippenham

“Thank you so much for helping me to overcome my memory difficulties….. more importantly, and through your help, I’ve found greater peace of mind. Your professional, relaxed and reassuring approach has enabled me to change, almost miraculously, from a clenched fisted and anxious worrier, to a clear thinking person with a much calmer and optimistic outlook on life. Once again thank you for your help, patience and kindness.”  Angela, Bristol

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