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Karen Thrush Jan 2016Karen Thrush is a Practitioner of Systematic Kinesiology registered with The Association of Systematic Kinesiology (ASK). Karen trained as a Practitioner and Tutor with The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology and also qualified to ASK Diploma level with The School of Advanced Kinesiology. Karen has also completed an ITEC Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology Certificate and is currently studying to become a Nutritional Adviser.

Karen first came across Kinesiology many years ago when Kinesiology helped both her mother and her daughter when conventional medicine could not find the answers to their health issues; she was amazed at what the therapy was able to identify and how it helped her family and needed to learn more. Karen gained her Practitioner qualification and is also a Foundation Course Tutor with the Academy of Systematic Kinesiology to help spread the wonders of Kinesiology. Karen works at three Centres in Wiltshire and has been helping clients for over seven years, from babies to the elderly with a variety of health issues. Using muscle testing Karen can easily identify the support your body needs to help overcome any health issue.


Systematic Kinesiology


Depression Anxiety Bipolar Disorder Shoulder & Joint pain Digestive Issues/IBS Candida & Parasites Food intolerances Hay fever Emotional Stress Fibromyalgia

Childrens Issues:

Self Esteem & Bullying ♦ Trauma Recovery ♦ Digestive Issues ♦ Fears & Phobias ♦ Chronic Fatigue Disorders


Eczema Mouth Ulcers Cranial misalignment Tooth problems Back Pain Arthritis and Joint Pain Heart Surgery Recovery

Kinesiology also has great tools and techniques to help with life goal setting enabling the client to clear the barriers for success and coping with change.


TASK Systematic Kinesiology Foundation Levels 1-6 ♦ TASK Systematic Kinesiology Practitioner Certificate ♦ TASK Advanced Communications Training Certificate – personal communications, specialist counselling and speaking skills ♦ TASK Foundation Course Teaching Certificate ♦ SAK Systematic Diploma Certificate ♦ ITEC Anatomy & Physiology Level 3


I have been having regular Kinesiology treatments with Karen for years and it is my preferred holistic therapy. Rather than go to a Doctor for any ailments and have only the symptoms treated with medication I know very little about, Kinesiology will get to the root cause of the imbalance by Karen checking all my body’s circuits through muscle testing and naturally, I prefer to know the cause of why something isn’t right with my body and address that rather than merely symptoms. My body will then tell me what it needs to heal via Karen’s expertise, which will always be one or two natural balancing solutions such as herbal remedies or nutrition. I will even go for a balance every now and again without having any particular reason to because I always feel better afterwards.

I am also mindful that the reason you won’t hear about Kinesiology on the NHS or in a Doctors surgery’s is because it is a powerful healer and there is no profit in healthy people, which indicates to me it must be worth paying for!

For me, Kinesiology is my preferred health advisor, the benefits of which are grossly underrated and if any of my friends or family have a health complaint, I always suggest that they have Kinesiology treatments before anything else. T J – Swindon

I took my son to see Karen, he has suffered with eczema since birth and we have eliminated so many things we really didn’t know what was the trigger when he had a big flare up. Karen identified he had a clear lactose intolerance and needed to stick with goats milk products. Karen was also able to release some locked in emotional issues that he was struggling with that interfered with his confidence, particularly at school. He is making great progress and I can’t recommend Karen and this therapy enough. C M – mother from Corsham

Karen, was able to identify quickly the issues my husband had from simple skin testing. She has diagnosed wheat intolerance and since he has stopped eating Wheat my husbands itching has almost cleared within weeks. He has also lost nearly 2 stone in weight too. Amazing result and he can now manage this to suit. Karen was able to do this within 1 session and also recommend some holistic treatments to take to help keep his body in balance. He also no longer uses anti depression tablets and is on all natural products suggested by Karen. His depression is so much better! Cannot thank Karen enough. Highly recommend her. M F – wife of client from Radstock

Fantastic- I would recommend Kinesiology to everyone.  Karen is a good teacher and very down to earth.  There are lots of simple techniques that anyone can learn for preventative and balanced health, rather than a cure. P T – Student from Chippenham

Kinesiology is a fascinating and rewarding subject to learn.  Karen is a good teacher and I thoroughly enjoyed the course. S M – Student from Andover

A Brilliant Course! Absolutely brilliant – kinesiology is amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait to put these techniques in to practice. K S – Student from Malmesbury

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